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Does physiotherapy hurt?

No. The aim of physiotherapy is to help improve your pain. As part of the assessment, we look to reproduce some of your symptoms to identify the structures at fault, but only do this within your levels of pain. Some treatments to release muscles or joints can occasionally be uncomfortable, however, all are applied within a comfortable level.

Does physiotherapy really help?

Absolutely, current studies have shown physiotherapy to be beneficial for most conditions. There may be circumstances where a referral may be required, in those cases we will provide advice and/or recommendations for either further investigations or management of the condition. We have close links with GPs and orthopaedic consultants, and we can recommend you for onward referral and/or surgical opinions, where required.

Is physiotherapy safe during pregnancy?

All our physiotherapists are highly experienced in treating patients of all ages and conditions. Some treatment techniques would not be used during the later stages of pregnancy, but there are many ways physiotherapy can help during this time.

Will physiotherapy completely cure my ailment?

In most cases the answer will be yes, however chronic conditions like Arthritis and chronic lower back pain, where there is no immediate cure, a management strategy will be formulated. Treatment will be aimed at slowing the disease process down, improving function and reducing pain and limitation to a minimum, so our patients can continue with a high quality of life without limitations.

Should I go to a chiropractor for my back pain instead?

There is a lot of overlap between the two professions, and both use similar treatment techniques to increase movement and decrease pain. The main difference is that chiropractors commonly use high velocity manipulation to audibly ‘click’ a joint and restore movement, while physiotherapists use manipulation, alongside a range of joint and soft tissue mobilisation exercise therapy, to address the symptoms.

Is physiotherapy massage?

No, although we will use massage to release tight tissue and trigger points or to assist with reducing swelling. Massage only forms a small part of our treatment. Physiotherapy is a hands-on discipline, looking at body mechanics and movement patterns. Abnormal and painful movements can be resolved by manual therapy techniques like joint mobilisations, manipulation, stretches, strapping and/or exercise therapy.

What should I wear during my sessions?

To fully assess your symptoms, it is beneficial to observe the area moving without the restriction of tight clothes. We recommend wearing loose fitting clothing, and bringing a vest or shorts to change into.

How long does a treatment session last?

Initial appointments are approximately 1 hour, with follow-up appointments lasting approximately 30 minutes. An initial appointment consists of a comprehensive assessment and management plan, including exercise and some treatment. Follow-up appointments will form the bulk of your treatment, along with an initial chat about your progress and any further advice.

How many sessions will I need?

Our aim is to use hands-on treatment, in conjunction with exercise to improve your symptoms in the long term. We expect to see benefits within three to four sessions of treatment. Some patients may require greater treatment, while others may only require advice, management programs or further investigations to be organised. This treatment plan will be discussed with you at your initial assessment.

Do I need a doctor’s referral for physiotherapy treatment?

No. Physiotherapists are autonomous practitioners, meaning we can assess and diagnose independently. However, for some health insurance companies, they may need a GP referral to validate a claim. So, it's best to check with your insurer prior to making your appointment.

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