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Video and Phone consultations

Video or Phone Consultations at Resolve Health Physiotherapy are now available and can be booked online,  via e-mail at or calling 01934 643262

Video or Phone consultations are an ideal way to get expert help and advice you need if you are

  • Self isolating due to Corona Virus (COVID-19)
  • Unable to access your GP for advice on muscle, joint or spinal pain

It’s not always possible to see people face to face but technology today makes it easy for us to still help.


Booking a Phone or Video consultation

You can book your appointment here or by email – by calling the main clinic number 01934 643262

During the Corona Crisis our phones may not always get answered but a message can always be left and someone will call you back ASAP.

Alternatively contact us using our get in touch form and someone will call or message you back to make arrangements or answer your questions.

Top Tips for a good Video call

  • Prepare before the call – find a quiet room that is well lit with space to move about.
  • Use a lap top or tablet or phone on a stand or mount so you are free to move without holding anything.
  • Have a partner or someone to help.  eg move the camera so we can better see how you walk or move.  Your partner may also be able to help in other ways too.
  • Use your home broadband rather than your mobile data to avoid and unexpected charges or drop outs.
  • If possible try and use headphones for better clarity.

Before your call and how we will contact you.

  • We will call you to ask you how you want to proceed with your call – Video or Voice only
  • We will be using Zoom for Video calls.  It is a free to download app. We suggest you download it and register yourself before your call.
  • If using a phone or tablet attached to your mobile number we can send you an invitation link as a SMS or email to join the call at the time of your appointment.
  • Alternatively we can just use the tried and tested phone


What to expect during your Video or Phone consultation

  • A warm welcome and reassurance from the start
  • Consent you are happy to proceed with the call
  • Questions about your problem, how things started and how you are affected
  • Some medical questions to assist in our diagnosis
  • Some special questions specific to your problem
  • We’ll ask you to do some movements and how they feel
  • We will then be able to give you a good indication of what is wrong and how to start helping yourself
  • Advice on how to ease your pain and how to move better
  • We will provide email advice sheets  and exercise programs where applicable.
  • Future recommendations and advice what will happen next

Fees and paying for your appointment

  • All consultations will be charged at £30
  • If you have medical insurance please check they will cover remote video consultations.  Most have updated their policies to include these type of consultations during this crisis
  • At this time we will be collecting payment over the phone via a virtual terminal provided by Square up, which provide secure and safe banking, keeping your sard information secure and away from fraud. We will be asking for your card details including your card number, CVV, expiry date and post code.following your consultation. 

If you have any questions then please feel free to leave us a message by touching here

As always Stay Safe and Keep Healthy

Get in touch


Cowan House
21 Ellenborough Park North, W-S-M,
North Somerset BS23 1XQ
CALL 01934 643262
The Waterside Suite
Weston General Hospital, Grange Road,
Uphill, W-S-M, North Somerset BS23 4TQ
CALL 01934 427900

Located in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, Resolve Health Physiotherapy lies in a key location for North Somerset. With accessible transport links to both Bristol and Clevedon in the north, and Bridgwater and Glastonbury to the south – our clinic can serve the South West of England with ease.