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The examination includes an assessment of your joint range of motion, muscle power and functional testing – including a special test to aid differential diagnosis. This allows us to rule out all other possible causes to your symptoms, and get to the true root of the issue.

With the diagnosis set, a treatment plan will then be formulated alongside a home management program to initiate your recovery. Follow-up treatment sessions will last around 30 minutes for any further manual therapy needed, including a review of your program. We are confident that we can treat most conditions, with significant results within three to six treatments; if you do not have a measurable improvement after this period, we then might want to refer you back to your GP, or to a specialist for further investigation.

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Prior to your consultation, please obtain an authorisation code from your health provider. Alternatively, if your health provider has not been listed above, please contact us.

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Located in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, Resolve Health Physiotherapy lies in a key location for North Somerset. With accessible transport links to both Bristol and Clevedon in the north, and Bridgwater and Glastonbury to the south – our clinic can serve the South West of England with ease.